Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Steps to fix Gps Signal not found error on Pokemon Go Android

We ourself noticed the Gps Signal not found error on Pokemon go while playing it on our android device and we are hearing from other gamers too that they are also getting this error too,so today we have with an very easy fix for the this error in your android device.

Today the whole world is talking about only one popular game that is Pokemon go and the game is completely based on your Gps so if you are getting an error like this then it will create some problem in playing the game .

You dont have to worry if you are getting this error as this type of error is common and there is very easy solution for this which will be solved in seconds you just need to follow the given guide below

#How to fix Gps Signal not found error on Pokemon Go Android
1.Open the setting and go to Location services
2.Turn on the location and enable High accuracy mode
3.Now  go to phone setting and click 7 times on build number and enable developer options
4.Now go back and search for developer options and go there
5.Disable mock locations
6.Open the game and now the gps not found error is fixed

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