Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Everything About Latest intel 7th Gen Core Processor [Intel kaby lake]

Intel is Reportedly Launching Today its series of 7th Generation Core processor in the name and shape of Kaby lake Cpu.It is also said that this is an update to the the Skylake processors from Intel kaby lake is an advanced improved syatem of the Skylamp 14ns in terms of efficiency and power

Now with the kaby lake processor the Users of the macbook Pro can update the device as recently Cupertino company opted to skip the Skylake architecture.It was reported that the Users running kylake incountered a number of problems during the driver updates and the users of Microsoft surface book suffered a power management problem like in other PC

This is the second addition to the intel's tick tock Stratergy on which through kaby lake company is emphasizing morre on the experiences rather than hard specs .intel has o focused to make kaby lake stand out from the preview gen processor rather they have focused on what new and how efficiently the kaby lake can perform.With this intel 7th Gen processor the users will Now be able to access Windows hello,face recognization login which have been running on most windows devices

According to the intel the kaby Lake is 10 times efficient than the old gen processors which would work more fast and would easily adopt the new program features.Web performance is improved 19 percent faster along with the productivity apps performance which is improved by 12 percent faster

Intel is not only talking about the latest 7th gen kaby lake but it is also planning to launch the 10mm thick laptops this year that would be the thinnest in the market .Already according to the reports the queue is there along with the designs for the project and looks like Kaby lake is soon going to find a home in a 10mm Laptop

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