Saturday, 20 August 2016

[Easy Ways]How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung galaxy Note 7 has recently been released and the device is already available for the pre orders and few handsets have already been shipped for the we are going to discuss the possible ways by which you can take the screenshot on your all new samsung Galaxy Note 7.

If you have been the user of samsung mobiles in past then you will be well aware with the process of taking screenshot in any standard samsung device.but in the Latest galaxy Note 7 few more features have been added to take the screenshot more easily.

We are going to share the three different ways by which you take take the screenshot.
1.By Hardware Buttons
2.By Palm Gesture
3.By S stylus pen

we are going to discuss all the ways one by one below.You may choose the way which you find easy or fun.

1.How to Capture Screenshot In Galaxy Note 7 using Hardware Buttons

1.Go to the Screen you want to capture or take screenshot of

2.Now press Power button and home button at the same times and screenshot will be taken with a shutter sound

3.You screenshot will now show up in Gallery 
2.How to Take Screenshot using Palm Gesture

1.Go to Settings > Motion menu and activate it

2.Now go to  hand Motion and enable the Palm swipe box

3.Now swipe horizontally from one edge to other to take screenshot of desired screen 

3.How to take screenshot in galaxy Note 7 using S-pen

1.Take out the s-pen outside and the Air command will get activated

2.Now click on screen write and screenshot would be taken. 

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