Thursday, 29 September 2016

[Download] OxygenOs 3.5.3 Community Build Firmware for Oneplus 3

A new version  OxygenOs 3.5.3 community build is now available for download for the latest oneplus 3 device which is already running on Oxygen Os 3.5.2 which is also based on marshmallow android 6.0.1 like this version ,but there are still some changes and improvements in this new build version and as compared to the previous version this would be better in performance too.

The Ota update has been provided to the devices so if you are connected to internet you may have got the notification of the update only if you are on the Oxygenos 3.5.2 ,the lower versions will not get this Update and also the users who have rooted their device will no longer receive the official Ota updates and they have to manually update their device.

Below we have shared the Download links for the zip file of the firmware along with the complete process of how to to install oxygenos 3.5.3 successfully in your device .

#Warning :
We are not responsible for any damages to your device make sure you follow the guide completely to succesfully update your device.We would not be liable for any damages to Oneplus 3 .

#This update is Only for Oneplus 3 devices

#Download Links
Oxygen Os 3.5.3 for Oneplus 3

#Important Pre-Requirements Before  Hand
• During the Process of update you may lose all of your data and in case in future you want to restore your data or in case something goes wrong during the installation process ,we recommend you to take a complete backup of your data before hand,which we call as nandroid backup which is easily to take and install it in your device ,below is the link which will guide you on same

• You must enable the Developer options and Usb debugging mode enabled on your device, usb debugging is not the mass storage on your device and it is very important step to update your device succesfully. Follow the link below to Successfully enable the Developers option and Usb debugging mode on your Device

•Make sure you have charged you device to minimum 60% ,in some cases if the device is less charged then the process can corrupted in between which leads to bricking the device and make the further process of recovery complicated

•Another thing is very important is to setup adb and fastboot commands dont ignore this step as it is very important for the process your system must have adb and fastboot installed in it .Below is the guide on How to setup adb and fastboot on your PC
» How to Setup Adb and Fastboot in PC

#How to install OxygenOs 3.5.3 in Oneplus 3
1.Download the firmware from the link above and connect your device to pc by usb cable

2.Open the adb and fastboot folder and copy the zip file of the firmware inside the adb-and-fastboot folder

3.Press shift and right click on the same window and click on open command propmt here

4.Pass the following command to get your phone into recover mode : "adb reboot recovery"

5.when in recovery mode click on install from usb and press ok 

6.Now pass the following command : " adb sideload"

7.After the process is completed ,reboot your device and enjoy Oxygen Os 3.5.3 on your Oneplus 3

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