Saturday, 29 October 2016

From Hype to Failure Everything about Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note Series has been the killer flagship from the very first phone launched and same was expected from the 8th installment that was Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but the things didn't went as planned by the south korean company.from the promotions to the price everything was perfect and it was looking like the Galaxy Note 7 would setup the new benchmarks for the companies
Though everything was looking perfect but the things didn't went as planed as the gadget started catching fire by their own causing the loss to the consumer as well as the health damages including the skin burns.though the incidents didn't take place with all the consumers but still for the security the production has to call off.

The incidents related to galaxy Note 7 took place in the following orders:

1.Samsung Launched Galaxy Note 7 and the sales in both the online and retail stores started

2.Soon after the device reached to the consumers , the battery started catching fire during charging

3.Samsung Called backup all the devices and replaced them with new ones to the consumers

4.But soon after a incident happened and a device caught fire in an aeroplane which was a serious issue and Samsung announced the permanent hold on the production

5.Samsung send the return kit to the consumers offering the full refund for the device

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