Tuesday, 18 October 2016

[How to] Enable Google Assistant on any Android Device

Google Assistant is the most popular feature in Android at this time but it s currently available only on the google Pixel phone . But there is an away which we are going to share by which you can install this feature in any device running android Marhsmallow , No other version below android 6.0 will support this , you must have android marshamallow on your device.

To install this feature in the  device your device must have xposed framework installed . this will only work if you have xposed framework on your device

#How to install Google Assistant in any Android Device
1.After installing Xposed framework in your device download the N-ify Xposed module and enable it from Xposed framework

2.Reboot your phone

3.Download google Search App on your device from playstore

4.Clear the App data of Google search App once it is installed

5.Now hold the home for few seconds and use Google assitant seamlessly

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