Tuesday, 11 October 2016

[How to] Fix Touch Id not working on Iphone 7 and Iphone 7 plus

There is no doubt Apple Iphones comes with the best figer print sensor . the fingerprint sensor were first introduced by apple in ihpone 5s and then have accompanied to evry iphone devices there after.

In iphone & and Iphone 7 plus apple made some change in the touch button , its no longer a physical touch button which can be pressed for home or recent apps , now its completly a touch surface button and have been complaints coming that users are facing error in accessing touch id button.

So if you are also noticing the touch id not working error then read this guide properly as we are going to share different fixes for this problem :
#How to Fix touch id not working in iphone 7 Series
1.The first and most probabale reason why the error is popping beacause there might be some dirt on the surface of the touch pad.The Apple has said the button is acapable of sensing 360 angle touch , So the fix to this is that to clean the surface of the button with some some brush and soft cloth

since the Iphone 7 series is water resistant you might have tried to take it to the rains or pool and that might be the reason why the touch pad has stopped responding so you can just let is dry infront of some hot air or rub it gently with the soft cloth

If both the above ways are not working then it might be possible that the fingerprint record has corrupted so just delete the old fingerprint record and register the fingerprint again nd it will start working like back

Hope you have fixed the touvh id of your iphone 7 or Iphone 7 plus successfully

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