Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Top 5 Legit Ways to Earn from Android Smartphones

Since the everything now days have started getting online be it like, Shopping, Booking flights, hotels etc , people have started going for services over internet rather going to a physical market and search for it. But not everyone knows that apart from just investing your money for buying things you can also earn money from internet and that too right now from your smartphone.

This might comes as a surprise to you but there are number of people out there who are living a life over earning the money online and today in this post we are going to list Top 5 legit ways from which you can start earning money right away from your android smartphones.so lets go ahead and see the ways to earn from android smartphones

1. Playing online Casino
casino games are now not only the part of casino clubs but have moved to the technology world and the players are now able to play the casino games on their Smartphones and tablets as well.

There is no difference in playing it in clubs and on smartphones all the
games like online pokies ,video poker, black jack are now available over the smartphones as well.
I have listed the casino games as earning way from smartphone as this is the easiest way to earn if you got very little to invest. Later on the more you invest the more you earn , it upon your luck and the casino tactics you have.

Well to play casino games right away just go to the below link and enjoy the casino games right away

» Play and Win Big from Casino Games Online


2. Selling Stuffs online
Selling stuffs can be profitable as well as house clearing opportunity. You never thought you old items can be profitable to you. Now you don't have to keep them as scrap in your house, rather its time now to sell them get some money in .

Though there are number of ways to sell online but i still trust two of them. The first one is the very known Olx , which lets you talk one on one with the seller and discuss the price over the phone or just simply meet up and get it done.

The second of them is the Quikr , which is similar to olx but has still less user as compared to Olx

3. Reward paying Apps
Yes the Play store is filled with the reward paying apps and you wont even think of the number of apps present in the play store which can let you earn easily from the smartphone.

The activities in reward paying app for which you get paid for:
»Downloading partner apps
»Completing surveys
»Referring users to use apps
»Liking social media pages
»Watching ads on lock screen
»Watching partner videos

4.Blogging From smartphone
Most of the blogger blogs only from pc while they are still not aware that its how easy to blog from smartphone. So to make you aware with it , if you are already a blogger then both the popular platforms that is blogspot and wordpress have their apps on the playstore which make it easy for user to write from anywhere.

And if you have heard about blogging but you don't have a pc and you think its impossible for you that you're wrong as you can still do everything a blogger from pc can.

5.Freelance Writing
Many of you might not believe but few years back when i made my first online income of $152 that was from freelance writing and earned that much in 25 days and that too writing from smartphone as i don't had a Pc then.

There are number of websites to choose from .You have to just select the your area of interest and specialization on which you are comfortable to write and you will be hired by the companies to write the articles for them and they will pay you accordingly.


So these are the top ways of earning from and android smartphone if you have any other great way then don't forgot leave comment below :)

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