Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Top Most Popular Category Games for Smartphones in 2016

You might get bored in your free time and may be wondering sometimes to play the games , but you get confused on the game you have to play as there are number of games available on the internet and you don't know which is the best and obviously no one has so much free time to play the games and judge one by one and then decide which one is the best for you. 
So today we are going to share the top 5 category of the games which you can play easily on your smartphones and there are also Unlocked flash games which can be played on any device connected to the internet.So Lets get Started :

1.Bus Games
Bus games are the most fun games which gives you the virtual experience of driving the buses on the streets . there are also bus parking games in which you have to park the bus in a given time in a certain place , but it is not easy as it seems but its definately a lot of fun.

Below we have shared the link to play the bus games directly on any device just on the browser which support flash play . these games can be played both on smartphones or Laptops or Computers.

2.Horror Games
If you love Horror movies and are a big fan of them then this category is just for you . horror games gives you the rear fun of the horror . the games are available based on the true stories and movies which are running in the film industry.

Like Bus games these games are also available in the unlocked category and can be played in any browsers in any smartphone or laptops just by going in to the browser supporting the flash content

3. Racing Games
Racing games have been favorite of every games playing the games in any device. Below we have listed the top 5 Car racing Games which are more time popular :
1.Asphalt 8 - Airborne
2.Need for Speed - Most Wanted
3.Need for speed - No limit
4.CSR - Racing
5.Real Racing 3

4.RPG and Action Games
Rpg Games are the one which fascinates every hardcore gamer . From guns to mission there is nothing which dosen't attract the gamers. Some Top Rpg and Action Games are listed below :
1.Modern Combat 5 - Blackout
2.Brother in Arms
3.Overkill 3
4.Modern Combat 4
5.Dead trigger 2

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