Friday, 21 October 2016

Types of Chargers available to Juice Up Android Devices

Battery drainage is the most common problems among the people these days which own an android device.The charger which comes with the Box is definately a great charger but users are still not aware with the different types of chargers which can quickly charge their device in No time and today here we are going to list the different types of chargers available for the android users.

Type of Chargers Available for Android Phones :
1.Regular Chargers 
These are he old fashioned chargers which comes into th old era of smartphones in which the cable is no-removable with the connector . the chargers were given with the phones like Nokia and the old phones from Samsung.
2.Usb Chargers
These are the types of chargers which are very common today and come with removable data cable and usb connector . These are quick chargers and charge the battery very quick.
The Usb chargers are great as the cable is removable and can be used for other purposes like data syncing etc.
3.Wireless Chargers
Wireless chargers are the less used chargers in woeld as they comes generally with High end devices like Samsung S7 and Note series. But they are more compatible and are said to be the chargers with fastest Speed
4.Universal charger
these type of chargers can charge any phone with removable battery . they work as the battery connected to the two pins in the charger and it charges the battery . You have to inseret the battery after it is charged and you phone will be seitched off mean while

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