Monday, 10 October 2016

[How to]Update Lenevo Zuk Z1 to Nougat by CM14 rom - Android 7.0

Now the lenevo Zuk Z1 has also been added to the list o devices who have CM14 rom available for the.Users of Zuk Z1 can now update their device to very latest android Nougat by installing the custom Build Cm14 Rom .The rom is an unofficial rom that means it is not developed by team cyanogenmod but its devepoed by senior Xda member order Kreiger . 
The Rom may contain some bugs in it as it is still in developing stage but still you can try it . for checking all the bugs or the working and broken features of the rom check out the links to the developemt page below

So lest go ahead and start the process of installing the Cm14 rom in Lenevo Zuk Z1.

#Warning :
we are not responsible for any type of damages to your be on the safer side take the complete backup of your device.the process of taking backup is mentioned below Dont forget to go through Pre-requirements section carefully

#Download Link 
Cm14 rom for Zuk Z1 [ Development Page ]
Gapps package

Important Pre-Requirements Before  Hand
• During the Process of update you may lose all of your data and in case in future you want to restore your data or in case something goes wrong during the installation process ,we recommend you to take a complete backup of your data before hand,which we call as nandroid backup which is easily to take and install it in your device ,below is the link which will guide you on same

• You must enable the Developer options and Usb debugging mode enabled on your device, usb debugging is not the mass storage on your device and it is very important step to update your device succesfully. Follow the link below to Successfully enable the Developers option and Usb debugging mode on your Device

•Make sure you have charged to minimum 60% ,in some cases if the device is less charged then the process can corrupted in between which leads to bricking the device and make the further process of recovery complicated

•Twrp recovery is very important to be installed on your device as the rom and the gapps files will be flashed only through twrp recovery.below is the guide on how to install twrp recovery by fastboot method
» Install Twrp recovery in android using Fastboot Method

#How to install Cm14 Rom on Asus Zenfone Selfie
1.Download the rom pakage and download the gappsm package from the above links the files in the xternal sd card of your device

3.Folow the Below links to succesfully nstall cm14 on your device 
How to install Cm14 Roms using Custom recovery

4.While using Custom Roms , Gapps are thevery important part as without gapps package you will not be able to get any google apps on your to install the gapps successfully got to the following link : How to install gapps on Cm14 and Nougat Roms

Must : To enable Root access on your Cm14 Rom visit

How to enable Root access on Cm14 Roms

You have succesfully installed the Cm14 rom and Gapps package on your Lenevo Zuk Z1

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