Sunday, 30 October 2016

[Update] Nexus 6 to Nougat by CM14 Rom [Shamu] - Android 7.0

Now you can install the latest Unofficial build version of Cm14 Rom on Nexus 6 and update it to latest Android 7.0 Nougat. this Rom is developed by Lycoris . the rom is still in beta stage that menas it might have some bugs in it but we are adding the source link to the developers page so that you can check the latest modifications in the Rom and add your bugs as well.

Nexus 6 is a great device from Google and is also in the list of devices to get the official android uypdate whereas the developer preview is already given to the users but still if you want to fell some thing new in your device then go for this cm14 Rom and install it in your device.

Along with the CM14 Rom dont forget to install the gapps package as well as Roms dont come with google apps pre-installed so you have to flash the gapps to get same.

We are not responsible for any kind of damages to your device . Make sure you have read all the Pre-Requiremnets before proceeding

CM14 rom for Nexus 6 [ Source ]
Gapps package

• There is always a risk of losing data in flashing rom so we recommend you to take the compelte nandroid backup of your data:

• Usb Debugging and Developers Option must b enabled:

•The battery in the device should not be less that 60% . Please go ahead and charger your device to much extent.

•Make Sure You have Unlocked Bottloader5 of the device

•Twrp Reovery is required to flash both the Rom and Gapps package so install it before hand or follow the beloe guide.

» Install Twrp recovery in android using Fastboot Method

#How to Install Cm14 Rom in Nexus 6
1.Download the required files from the download link and store it in Phone Storage

2.Make Sure you have Twrp Installed and Battery to minimum 60%

Follow the guide to succesfully install the cm14 Rom in your Nexus 6 : 
How to install Cm14 Roms using Custom recovery

3. After the Cm14 rom is successfully installed then its time to install the Gapps package so follow the guide below to successfully install Cm14 gapps Package
: How to install gapps on Cm14 and Nougat Roms

To enable Root Access of Cm14 Rom , as Cm14 Roms are Pre-Rooted Roms:
How to enable Root access on Cm14 Roms

You have succesfully Updated your Nexus 6 to android Nougat 7.0 by Cm14 Rom

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