Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Which phones are compatible with the latest ios 11: Find out the models here

No matter what the Apple Smartphone one owns, the operating system is one of the most important features that gain the attention of those who are looking for the best speedy Smartphone. With the launch of the  iOS 10 software, by Apple the devoted buyers are eager for the release of the next generation operating system. With the latest news pouring in about the latest version releasing soon, one of the impending questions that is in our head is which phones are compatible with the latest ios 11. In this article, we have created a list of all those phones that are known to be compatible with the latest version of the operating system. Before we get into the details, we hear that the beta version of iOS 11 is going to be releasing from the month of July, 2017 and ultimately the platform will be launched in September, 2017 along with the next generation smartphone launched by Apple.
With the success of the operating system ios 10, those iPhones that fell under the iPhone 5 series or above were compatible with the iOS 10 operating system.  That is not the case with the latest operating system iOS 11. According to the latest report, iOS 11 will only be compatible with iPhone 5S or above smart phones. In case one does not know about their iphones model number , go to “Settings” of the handset and click on the “About Phone” option. The details about the phone and will be able available and one can understand if the latest IOS 11 will be compatible with their handset or not.
The smartphones that are compatible with IOS 11 include:
·         iPhone 7 Plus
·         iPhone 7
·         iPhone 6s
·         iPhone 6s Plus
·         iPhone 6
·         iPhone 6 Plus
·         iPhone SE
·         iPhone 5s
The compatibility of the latest IOS 11 is not just limited to smartphones only , even there is the compatibility criteria for iPads as well as all ipads won’t also be compatible with the iOS 11. Where the  iOS 10 was compatible with iPad Mini 2 and higher models, there are also some ipads that would support the IOS 11. The iPad Mini 3 and higher models are known to be compatible with the latest operating system. Other than this here is the list for the compatible ipad models.
Ipad models that support IOS 11:
·         iPad Pro 12.9-inch
·         iPad Pro 9.7-inch
·         The iPad Air 2
·         iPad Air
·         iPad 4th generation
·         The iPad Mini 4
·         The iPad Mini 3
The compatibility for the latest operating system for the ipods are also the same. In terms of compatibility only the iPod Touch 6th Generation is compatible with the iOS 10 and it seems like only this device will be compatible with the iOS 11 too. So, only the iPod Touch 6th-generation is compatible with the IOS 11.
In conclusion, with the help of this list provided, we hope that you will be able to understand which models are compatible with the latest IOS 11.

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