Monday, 2 January 2017

Xiaomi MI 6 Release Date

World’s most speculated, purchased and fastest manufacturing handset in the category of smartphones Xiaomi is all set to release its Xiaomi MI 6 with all the expected as well as unexpected features which will bound billion of consumers to get attracted towards it. The respective phone is being launched after the successful tenure of Xiaomi MI 5 which witnessed a recording manufacturing and production across the globe.

Giving tough competition to smartphone game changer Samsung Galaxy, consumers preferred purchasing Xiaomi due to its low price thus consisting all the major features which is availed in high-end phones like Google, Apple, Samsung, and so on. The previous phones of the respective brand got huge attention and went on to be a successful venture among the target audiences subsequently setting a massive market in India. The manufacturing of Xiami MI phones in India were purchased hands-on with Xiaomi MI 3 and MI RedMe Note 3 being one of the most successful handsets of all times. In fact, the following handset stood on 5th rank among the 10 best smartphones around the world.
So, with successful launch of previous Xiaomi MI categories like MI 1S, MI2, MI3, MI4 and MI 5, the company is all set to come up with Xiaomi MI6 in the near future. Raising the bar of competition with its existing counterparts, theer are several other brands which are planning to launch new smartphones in the market. But with Xiaomi MI latest phone, it’s all about extensive features, style, user-friendly, software, and  of course low price. However, when it comes to smartphones, the first thing in consumers mind is the Release Date.

Well, if we take a look at the pattern of the previous Xiaomi MI smartphones since its debut launch in 2012, the company believes in introducing it before other releases in the market so that people get used to it. Perhaps, this might be one of the reasons that the sales if Xiaomi MI phones reach sky-high soon after its launch. So, let’s take note of the release date of Xiaomi MI6.
Release Date of Xiaomi MI phones

1.Xiaomi MI 1S : Launched on August 2012, it had almost all the features like Andriod OS in 4.0 version, 4GB storage with 1GB RAM, 8MP camera and so on. Priced at Rs. 22,275, the sales were satisfactory enough but failed to grab the niche market.

2.Xiaomi MI 2: Launched in the same year on November 2012, it was an upgraded version of its previous handset. Possessing Android OS in 4.0 version to 4.4.4, it had 16 to 32 GB memory with 2GB RAM. Priced at 31,106, it became a huge success withing the market audiences.

3.Xiaomi MI 3: Launched on December 2013, it priced at Rs. 23,095 with an extended features like 16 to 64 GB memory, 13 MP camera and so on. This particular set turned out to be the most purchased handset of Xiaomi including Xiaomi Red Me Note 3.

4.Xiaomi MI 4: Released on August 2014, it was introduced at the price of Rs. 13,399 with superb features of 16 to 64 GB with 3GB RAM, 13 MP camera and so on.
Xiaomi MI5: Released on April 2016, it was priced at Rs. 29,999 with amazing features like 128 GB memory with 4GB RAM, 16 MP camera, Android OS in 6.0 version, 5.15 inch screen and much more.

Therefore, there are chances that Xiaomi MI6 might get launched on February 2017 with lots of extraordinary features in an average price range.

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