Friday, 16 June 2017

Best Advantages of Buying a Smart TV in 2017

Inventions Smart TVs is one of the best things happened to mankind as these TVS are not just moving vehicles with picture and video content but they are more than that.Touch on screen and you have the access to ultimate resource for everything in this world - "Internet" .who back in 1990's would have thought that this evolving internet technology one day would be packed in a tiny cell phone and then later on in Televisions, Well looking at the unexpected growth rate and inventions in technology,it would be wrong to keep the expectations less.Smart TVs are soon going to pack in everything which a smartphone does like If Smartphone have several top Movie Apps to watch then Smart TVs have Apps Like Netflix to Chill, so you see Smart TVS are not just TV they are more of the Smartphone

But since our article is going to revolve around Smart TVs, let's talk a bit more about it.Many People still have second thoughts buying Smart TVs thinking it would be complicated, easy to damage and other stuff and here we are to prove them wrong and list 5 advantages of Buying the smart Tv's

1.Device Connections:
The smart TVs allow connecting multiple devices to it, be it be a storage device, a headphone or any other device which you can conveniently connect n your smartphone or Tv, So in that sense smart Tv is the Combination of the Tv, Smartphone, and your Laptop

2.Smart Remote Control
Remote Controls on smart Tv's comes with much more than normal remotes, some remotes do function as a keyboard and optical mouse so that you can easily surf the internet, Play general games and chat with your loved ones.

3.Better Quality
Believe me or not but the Quality of the smart TVs are far better than normal quality of the Normal TVS which means more of enjoyment and fun.The smart TVs do come with Ultra HD or 4K resolutions which look very sharp and has great viewing angles

4.Smart Features
That normal boxed Tv in your home doesn't com with an option to run the internet but smart TvS do, You can use the Internet, play games, browse your favorite social sites, Use popular instant messengers and do lot of fun activities

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